PDESoft 2024


High performance fast multipole methods

Srinath Kailasa (University College London)
Timo Betcke (University College London)
Matthew Scroggs (University College London)

 15:30 - 17:15 on  Monday 1 Julyfor  15min

In this talk we discuss high performance implementations of Fast Multipole Methods (FMM) which can take advantage of the power of modern computer hardware. The FMM originated in particle simulations determined by the Laplace Green’s function, such as the calculation of electrostatic or gravitational potentials, however has since been extended to many other PDEs, including oscillatory problems, and finds application in the boundary element method. We introduce our new software which implements the kernel independent fast multipole method, provide an overview of exactly what it takes to accelerate the FMMs computation, and demonstrate state of the art benchmarks we are able to achieve.

 Overview  Program