PDESoft 2024


High-fidelity partitioned multiphysics with preCICE and open-source solvers

Benjamin Rodenberg (Technical University of Munich)
Benjamin Uekermann (University of Stuttgart)
Hans-Joachim Bungartz (Technical University of Munich)

 09:15 - 10:45 on  Wednesday 3 Julyfor  15min

The open-source library preCICE allows connecting open-source solvers to solve multiphysics problems collaboratively. A minimally invasive partitioned coupling approach allows this without modifying the source code of the solvers. For fluid-structure interaction, for example, we couple the CFD toolbox OpenFOAM with the FEM library FEniCS. Behind a minimally invasive API, preCICE offers functionality for mesh mapping, efficient communication, quasi-Newton coupling acceleration, and time interpolation to simplify this process.

I present a short live demo of the preCICE ecosystem in my talk. It includes the C++ coupling library, language bindings, the adapter glue code between preCICE and the solvers, and a suite of tutorials. I also highlight the time interpolation feature I developed during my PhD. While following our partitioned coupling approach, this new feature allows the high-fidelity coupling of solvers with higher-order time-stepping and supports multirate time-stepping.

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