PDESoft 2024


A pantheon of the gods: a collection of multiphysics solvers for fusion power plant systems analysis

Aleksander Dubas (UKAEA)
Alex Blair (UKAEA)
Helen Brooks (UKAEA)
Andrew Davis (UKAEA)

 09:15 - 10:45 on  Wednesday 3 Julyfor  15min

Commercially viable fusion energy is key technology for enabling a net zero future. However, a significant amount of engineering is required to convert theoretical possibility into reality and a cost effective pathway to do this is through digital engineering.

Fusion power is a challenging multiphysics problem: strong magnetic fields, nuclear heating and transmutation, fluid dynamics, high heat loads and plasma physics all combine and interact to create complex systems that require a holistic approach to engineer properly.

Therefore we need to develop connected multiphysics tools that can scale up to and beyond the exascale to truly be able to perform in silico analysis of prototype fusion power plant designs.

This work presents the beginnings of such a collection of multiphysics tools covering electromagnetics, neutronics, computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer and isotope transport. These tools can be used for the analysis of power plant systems at scale

and enable the acceleration of making fusion power a reality.

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